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Implant Services
One of the truly remarkable technological advances in dentistry in recent years is the dental implant. This tiny titanium post is placed in the area of a missing tooth and left covered under the gum tissue for a period of months. During this time, the surrounding bone firmly attaches to the implant. Once the implant is secure, a crown or bridge can be attached to the implant providing a solid replacement for the missing tooth. Another major advantage of the dental implant is its ability to help prevent the jawbone from "melting away" over the years in the area where a tooth has been lost. One of the biggest problems for people with missing teeth is this gradual loss of bone over time. By holding the bone in place, the implant can preserve support for the face and lips. Implants also allow us to replace a missing tooth or teeth without using the adjacent natural teeth for support. For this reason, implants are a conservative alternative to traditional bridgework.

For many of our patients, the dental implant has had a significant positive impact on their ability to chew and smile with confidence.
illustration of Implant
Before photo of implant site
After photo of implant site
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