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Cosmetic Services
For our patients whose only objective is to change the color of the teeth, we can often use special bleaching solutions to safely whiten the teeth. A thin plastic tray is custom made that fits over the teeth and holds the solution in place. This tray is worn at home for up to two hours a day. Results are often seen after just a few days. In some cases, tooth whitening will start with an "in-office" procedure to speed up the process.
Before bleaching
After bleaching
To repair front teeth which have developed chips and cracks, or to close smaller "gaps" between teeth, bonding can be used for a dramatic improvement. Bonding is a procedure whereby tooth colored resins are easily applied to the tooth surface, then hardened with a special high intensity light. Using this durable material, small changes can be made which may have a major impact on the overall appearance of a smile.
Before bonding
After bonding
In cases where more dramatic changes are desired, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns are often used. When there are larger spaces between the teeth or darkly stained teeth, veneers and crowns give us the greatest opportunity to make significant changes. Although made of only a thin layer of porcelain, once bonded to the tooth, they become extremely strong and are incredibly natural looking.
Before porcelain veneers
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After porcelain veneers

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